Russia’s large-scale war games have been lighting up the internet, after video footage emerged that appeared to show a helicopter inadvertently launching rockets toward vehicles parked at a military training range in western Russia.

THIS has been a good summer, cinematically, for the United Nations. That world body is the unlikely co-star of “Wolf Warriors 2”, a hyper-patriotic action film that has broken all box-office records in China, earning nearly $900m to date with its depiction of a former People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commando battling African rebels and evil American mercenaries to rescue Chinese citizens from a war-torn African country. To the usual action-flick staples—car chases, fist-fights, crashing helicopters—the Chinese-made movie adds a fortifying dose of international law. Lantern-jawed Chinese military officers wait for the UN Security Council to

Ford Motor Co. said Tuesday it will temporarily idle production lines at five North American plants, including three in the U.S., the latest in a series of moves by U.S. auto makers to cope with slowing vehicle sales and rising industry capacity.

The bomb blasts themselves would be devastating, but firestorms and radioactivity would do even more damage, says Jurica Dujmovic.

Some states are doing more than others to equalize the wages men and women earn.

Nike was downgraded on declines in the basketball category, an a slowdown at athletic retailers could continue to be a hurdle.

Apple Inc. recently kicked off pre-orders for its iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus with shipping to start on Friday, but reviews for the smartphone are tepid given that the slight upgrade is getting eclipsed by features touted on the more advanced, and more expensive, iPhone X.

Financial Times editor Robin Wigglesworth says he was recently accused of being a “Luddite” reporter who couldn’t possibly understand the “digital magic” of bitcoin because he “shunned hard sciences for the girls at journalism school.”

Currency traders, focusing on the U.S. dollar pairs, will likely key in on the Federal Reserve’s comments on U.S. economic growth and inflation, when the central bank concludes its policy gathering Wednesday.

Bitcoin tilts lower on Tuesday, but the No. 1 digital currency was holding well above last week’s nadir, as the asset attempts to claw out of a hole that saw it shed more than a third of its value.

Mexico is rocked by a strong 7.1-magnitude earthquake, the second temblor this month to strike the country.

Fiat Chrysler recalls nearly a half-million Ram pickup and work trucks to fix overheating pumps that could lead to engine fires.

In a column for the Financial Times, Philip Stephens, the Richard von Weizsäcker fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy in Berlin, extends the conventional wisdom about German intellectual rigidity to Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union.

The U.S. officially topped $20 trillion in national debt less week, and, as you might expect, it triggered the kind of finger-pointing you’ve probably grown accustomed to in this divided political environment. But how about some perspective?

Analysts say that Toys ‘R’ Us may have filed for bankruptcy because the company could see a tough holiday season ahead.

Michael Cohen, a longtime attorney for the Trump Organization, forcefully denied unverified allegations contained in a dossier compiled by a former British intelligence officer about President Donald Trump’s activities and connections in Russia.

The euro reached the highest level against the Swiss franc during Tuesday’s session since the Swiss National Bank removed the fixed floor for the currency pair, and it is approaching the 1.20-mark for the first time in more than 2.5 years.

A few weeks ago, CNBC declared last month to be “The August of Apple,” pointing out how the stock had been leading all Dow components as the blue-chip index continued its assault on record highs. What a difference a month makes.

So much for seasonal weakness. September is shaping up to be a better year for stock benchmarks than usual.

Investors worried about the fate of the stock market rally shouldn’t sweat the Fed’s coming unwind of its balance sheet, says Charles Schwab’s top global strategist.

There’s been a bump in demand for chiles, curries and a slew of international flavors.

A new study of our innate human biases reinforces the value of diversification when it comes to stock investing.

The S&P 500 has reached uncharted territory atop the 2,500 mark, confirming its primary uptrend, writes Michael Ashbaugh..

The former Fox News host describes his getting bounced from the network to NBC’s Matt Lauer Tuesday morning on “The Today Show” as a “political hit job.”

Many people experience ‘financial toxicity’ during and after treatment.

Kids moderately increase the risk of falling short for households in their 50s.

A new analysis finds one airline offers flyers $160 more than domestic rivals.

President Donald Trump’s United Nations speech will probably be remembered for the line in reference to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Hurricane-struck areas will fare the worst, while underfunded pensions all over the U.S. endanger local governments. By John Mauldin.

The generic drugmaker said the changes will give it “greater flexibility.”

The founder of the world’s largest hedge fund says bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies clearly meet the criteria for a market bubble.

U.S. Treasury yields ticked slightly lower on Tuesday as ahead of the policy-setting gather of the Federal Reserve that is expected to kick off later in the morning, determining the outlook for government paper for the rest of 2018.

Inside the sophisticated strategies colleges use to lure applicants.

For all its global popularity, Nintendo Co. has had relatively limited business in China. Now a deal with Tencent Holdings Ltd. has investors excited at the prospect that Nintendo’s Switch console and smartphone games could take off in one of the world’s biggest game markets.

The Federal Reserve’s dot plot will continue to project the next interest-rate hike will happen in December, economists say.

Passage of Graham-Cassidy in the House isn’t a slam dunk even if the Senate OKs it; Hillary Clinton urges government workers not to quit; two tax breaks Republicans are eyeing to pay for an overhaul; and more.

The cost of imported goods surged in August, but it marked only the second increase in the past six months and half of the gain stemmed from higher oil prices. The import price index jumped 0.6% last month.