The European Union said President Donald Trump’s order reversing key clean-energy policies would eliminate the main pillar of U.S. efforts to fight climate change, undermining America’s leadership in a critical global effort.

More than half the Democrats in the Senate now say they will vote against President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, setting up an acrimonious showdown over Judge Neil Gorsuch’s bid to fill the seat left vacant by Antonin Scalia’s death last year.

Republican leaders signaled Tuesday that they were likely to exclude the most contentious provisions from legislation needed to keep the government running past April, de-escalating the partisan tensions that risk prompting a partial government shutdown at the end of next month.

A congressional investigation into alleged Russian government meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election ground to a halt Tuesday over the contested actions of a committee chairman and an attempt by the Justice Department to limit the testimony of a key witness.

A bankruptcy judge issued a $45 million fine against Bank of America Corp., calling the bank’s treatment of a California couple who fought to save their home “brazen” and “heartless.”

Wells Fargo & Co. said Tuesday that it was downgraded on a key regulatory rating that focuses on its ability and willingness to lend to, invest in and service lower-income populations.

MLB’s most-popular opening day game based on secondary-market ticket sales features a battle of southern California—the San Diego Padres versus the Los Angeles Dodgers—who take the field, like most teams around the league, on April 3.

American airstrikes in Mosul likely played some part in the deaths of dozens of civilians earlier this month, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq said Tuesday, adding that militants also likely were using them as hostages and human shields.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. said it would seek regulatory approval for one of its experimental cystic-fibrosis drugs after the treatment helped improve patients’ lung function in late-stage studies.

Results at nearly all leading U.S. personal auto insurance underwriters suffered in 2016, accounting for the weakest performance in 15 years as more time spent on the roads as well as driving while distracted by devices is taking its toll, Fitch Ratings said Tuesday.

The era of the star stock picker is coming to an end at the world’s largest money manager.

Roughly two weeks before April 20, investors with a craving for marijuana exposure will have a new venue to get it in their portfolios.

DONALD TRUMP continues his assault on environmentalism. On March 28th he signed an executive order instructing America’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to withdraw and replace Barack Obama’s flagship energy policy, the Clean Power Plan. Among other measures, the "Energy Independence" order requests the reversal of a moratorium on coal leasing on federal lands and dispenses with rules to curb methane emissions from oil and gas sites. Courtrooms and lawyers surely await.The Clean Power Plan was unveiled in August 2015. It directed states to work out how to cut emissions from power plants to avoid 870m tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030 (as

A look at historical returns preceding market peaks show that the fear of missing out at the last stage of the bull market is more than justified.

Western military commanders are concerned that large-scale Russian military exercises near the Baltic states in September pose heightened risks for a miscalculation that could lead to a crisis, allied officials said.

Active fund managers are doubling-down on bets that the business cycle will continue in an upswing as the preference for cyclical stocks over defensive ones reaches their highest disparity in nearly 10 years.

Some of Wall Street’s most sophisticated offerings are being selected for the least sophisticated of reasons: their names.

Shares of a number of shipping companies soared after Morgan Stanley upgraded several dry bulk shippers, citing the belief that the dry bulk market has passed through its cyclical low.

Buyers bullishly stepped in on Monday and Tuesday, and prevented further losses, Lawrence G. McMillan.

Michael Davis made a 50% profit on the $2.14 million sale after buying the home in December.

Active fund managers are doubling-down on bets that the business cycle will continue in an upswing as the preference for cyclical stocks over defensive ones reaches their highest disparity in nearly 10 years.

If you’re OK with getting paid $10,000 a month to travel the world and stay at “some of the most desired resorts and homes across the globe,” then there just might be an opening that suits your quirky tastes.

America’s quality mark equates to higher quality in some countries more than others.

In the latest sign that investors were too eager to trumpet the return of inflation after a yearslong slump, the spread between the 10-year nominal Treasury yield and the yield on the 10-year Treasury inflation-protected security has dropped back below 2%.

The dividend trade may not be as red-hot in the U.S. as it was last year, when the 10-Year Treasury yield dropped to a record low, but the same strategy is being deployed in overseas markets, and for the same reason.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer scolded reporters Tuesday for persistent digging into potential links between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, telling them they’re making connections where there are none.

Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer forecasts two more interest rate hikes this year

The largest exchange-traded fund to track the Dow Jones Industrial Average has seen heavy outflows of late, as the blue-chip index suffered its longest streak of daily declines in more than five years.

Uber Technologies Inc. on Tuesday published the first breakdown of its workforce by gender and ethnicity, part of an effort to push back against criticism that the ride-sharing company’s culture is hostile to women

Apple’s stock surged toward its fifth record close this month, after a UBS analyst said he envisioned a scenario in which the stock soared 40% from current levels over the next 2 to 3 years.

A vote in Scotland’s parliament Tuesday in favor of pursuing a second referendum on Scottish independence was quickly rebuffed by the U.K. government in London, underlining how Brexit is straining the bonds holding the U.K. together.

The nonprofit ICER said last week the drug would likely be more expensive but is an important product nonetheless.

Producers in the state with the biggest poultry industry are on high alert after about 18,000 chickens were destroyed.

Facebook Inc. took its most direct aim at Snapchat Tuesday with the announcement of a camera with effects, stories and photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours within the Facebook app.

An ongoing lawsuit provides more evidence that accessing the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program may prove challenging.

Technically speaking, each major U.S. benchmark has just survived this year’s first retest of the 50-day moving average. The successful tests preserve an intermediate-term market uptrend against the backdrop of a near-term consolidation phase that has not yet clearly run its course.

The real topic clearly wasn’t sexy enough, so the paper keenly focused on the important stuff and asked, “who won Legs-it?”

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