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Isolating Israel will ‘give prejudice and hatred a louder voice’, says musician and peace activist David BrozaOne of Israel’s leading cultural figures, the singer-songwriter David Broza, has spoken out against new calls for an artistic boycott of Israel.

Julio Ditudidi, 46, claimed housing benefit from Gloucester City Council for four years - while hiding his savings which rose from £30,000 to £39,000 during that

When Lauren Fern Watt’s faithful companion, an English mastiff called Gizelle, was diagnosed with cancer, she decided to make the most of their time together – and to let go of life’s

David Evans said he was attacked with the chilli powder in the Prince of Bengal in Tonypandy, south

The Replacement has gripped the nation - and now The Mail on Sunday can reveal how its thrills are inspired by the great British director behind masterpieces including Psycho and The

Nigel Farage (pictured) was being interviewed on RT when he received the surprising honour. But the moment was made a bit awkward when the young Queen asked if Nigel 'hated

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Hillary Clinton made a fiery commencement speech at her alma mater on Friday, hinting at the possibility of a Donald Trump impeachment and comparing him to Richard Nixon. She made the speech nearly 50 years after graduating from Wellesley College in 1969 and six months after losing the 2016 presidential election, saying of the aftermath: ‘I won’t lie, chardonnay helped a little’Hillary Clinton returns to Wellesley and rips Trump with Nixon comparison Continue